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Build your firearm today. 

80 Percent Lowers offer a full selection of 80% lowers and parts to build a firearm at home. Our USA Made Parts are the highest quality and cheapest 80% lowers on the web. Trust 80 Percent Lowers for when you order In Stock 80% lowers we ship all In stock items immediately. Shooters are raving about our 80% lower quality and durability backed by a Lifetime Warranty. We specialize in 80% lowers for AR15, AR10, and 80% 1911 Frames. We also have the best 80% Lower Jig design that makes building a firearm a breeze. Trust 80 percent Lowers with all of your AR build needs! offers high quality and low price 80% lowers for the home AR builder. Our 80% lowers and 80% lower Jigs are proudly Made in the USA. Exercise your 2nd Amendment rights and start your AR build today! Sign up to our mailing list to receive 80% lower deals and in stock specials.