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Industry Armament’s new and improved EZ Tooling Kit

Tooling Kit EZ | AR15 & AR10 | High Speed Steel

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80% Jig Tooling Kit

IA EZ Tooling Kit
Industry Armament’s new and improved EZ Tooling Kit  contains all of the End Mills and Drill Bits in order to complete your AR-15 or AR-10 80% Lower with Industry Armaments 80% Jig and other standard jigs. Our EZ Tooling kit comes with custom guidelines on the Main End-Mill to make sure that you hit the exact milling depth for each step in your build. These marking depths are also noted on our 80% Jigs so that you can set your drill press to the correct depth as well as use the End-Mil guidelines as a secondary visual for accuracy. 
Our Complete EZ Tooling kit features High Speed Steel material that allows for long term use for several builds without replacing bits. The 3/8” end mill comes with a 3 Fluted End for ease of Milling larger sections efficiently. The 5/16” End Mill comes with a 4 flute end to easily plunge through Trigger Pockets. 
The Tooling comes with the following: 
(1) 5/32”  118DEG Jobber Drill HSS
(1) 3/8”    118DEG Jobber HSS
(1) 3/8”    1 1/8” x 3” 3FL CC HSS END MILL
(1) 5/16”  4 FLUTE CC HSS END MILL   

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