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AR Parts

Custom AR Rifle Parts

Don’t settle for ‘factory standard’ when it comes to your favorite AR-10 or AR-15. If you demand top performance at the range or out in the field, you need a firearm that can handle everything you throw at it - and sometimes that means making it your own.

With our collection of AR-10 parts and AR-15 parts, we can help you complete the build you’ve always wanted. Whether you need a more reliable handguard, a faster rate of fire, or simply a more comfortable trigger, our AR-family parts are easy to install, made in the USA, and built to survive under even the most demanding shooting conditions.

For more intense modification needs, we offer entire AR-10 kits and AR-15 kits to completely change the game when it comes to the AR of your choice. Our lower parts kits help you build a custom .308 AR from the bottom up, all to mil-spec for the perfect component interface, no matter what your base AR.

Whatever your level of commitment, build the AR you need with our kits - and once you’re loaded for bear, add one of our AR 80% lowers to get your rifle working better than ever before.