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AR 15 Stocks & Tactical Rifle Stocks


The perfect firearm build ends with the perfect stock. For the ultimate in stability, handling, and comfort, turn to our selection of AR-style stocks to complete your rifle, improve your accuracy, and get the performance you need for any shooting application.

We know not every rifle has the same needs, so we make sure to offer a variety of AR stock types to fit any application. Fixed stocks, collapsible M4/AR15 stocks, even minimalist stocks with mil spec tubes and hardware - whatever your preferred rifle or whatever the reason you need a replacement stock, 80 Percent Lowers offers the stock you need to keep you safe out in the field, or simply up your game the next time you hit the range. Easy to install yourself so you don’t need an engineering degree to get the shooting you demand. Better yet, all our replacement rifle stocks are made in the USA by trusted machinists so you have nothing to worry about when it comes to quality and build.

Get better flexibility and handling out of your AR style rifle with our easy-to-install and long-lasting replacement rifle stocks - and once you find the perfect stock for your trusted AR series rifle, finish the build and get performance like you’ve never imagined with the rest of our AR parts and our 80% lowers.