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AR15 BCG | 5.56 | Titanium

  • $350.00

AR15 Billet Titanium Bolt Carrier Group Billet Titanium bolt carrier with a black nitride bolt assembly. These start as a solid piece of titanium and then are machined, polished, and Ionbond-Tribobond coated. They weigh in at 4oz LESS than a standard BCG!

Ionbond’s Tribobond™ 43 DLC, a-C:H, is one of the most well proven DLC coatings for tools, industrial and automotive components. It combines excellent running-in properties with a good wear resistance and low friction properties. Tribobond™ 43 DLC shows excellent performance on industrial components in aerospace, transmissions, wind energy and roller bearing applications.

Technical Specs

  • 6AL-4V Titanium
  • Ionbond-Tribobond Coating
  • MPI 9310 Tool Steel Bolt
  • Black Nitride Coated Bolt
  • 4140 Machined Gas Key
  • Grade 8 Fastners

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