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CA / NY Compliant Gun Parts

Build a California Legal AR 15 Rifle

As part of California and New York’s increased bans on anything considered an ‘assault weapon’, any AR-style rifle sold in those states required certain modifications to adhere to their rules against what constitutes an assault weapon, such as the ‘bullet button’ and special compensators.

This ban includes any weapon with a magazine capacity greater than 10 rounds whose magazine can be removed without the use of a tool. That’s where the bullet button comes in - a fixed lug containing a small button that’s too small to be pressed with a finger (thus complying with the ban) but can be pressed with a small item such as the bullet of a loaded cartridge.

If your favorite AR needs to get retrofitted to be California or New York compliant, 80 Percent Lowers has the parts you need. Our selection of AR 15 bullet buttons, AR 10 bullet buttons, and compliant compensators can help you get around any “assault weapons” ban and enjoy your Second Amendment freedoms the way you’re supposed to - even if you’re stuck in California when you do it.

For more options, browse the rest of our AR parts, accessories, and AR mags - get the AR-type rifle you’ve always wanted, no matter which of our fifty states you’re in.