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Glock Parts & Accessories

Custom Glock Parts, 80% Build Kits & Building Accessories

Few handguns are as well-known the world over as the venerable Glock family. From professional law enforcement & military personnel to hobbyist shooters who demand the best performance possible, the Glock is one of the most popular handguns among professionals and amateurs alike thanks to its durability, accessibility, and performance under the most extreme of situations.

But even the legendary Glock can be perfected upon sometimes, and that’s where 80% Lowers comes in. Our range of Glock parts and Glock accessories are built to give you the performance you demand out of your sidearm or pistol and can work with a number of handguns in the Glock family.

Our Glock replacement slides offer enhanced durability up to factory standard, our barrels can help reduce the footprint of your handgun while maintaining durability, and we even offer entire Glock 17 and Glock 19 customization kits to build the Glock handgun you’ve always wanted from scratch.

Perfect your shooting experience and hit the range or the field with a sidearm you can rely on - and better yet, one that you built yourself - with our selection of Glock parts. If you need even more performance out of your firearm, try our Glock 80 lowers and see what every other Glock shooter has been talking about.