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About Us:

80 Percent Lowers offer a full selection of 80% lowers and parts to build a firearm.

Our USA Made Parts are the highest quality and cheapest 80% lowers on the web. Trust 80 Percent Lowers for when you order In Stock 80% Lowers we Ship immediately. Shooters are raving about our 80% Lower quality and durability backed by a Lifetime Warranty. We specialize in 80% lowers for AR15, AR10, and 1911 Firearms. We Also have the best 80% Lower Jig design that makes building a firearm a breeze. At 80 percent lowers we believe in the privacy of gun ownership. With government intrusion climbing to all time highs, privacy of gun ownership should be at the forefront of every Americans mind. Don't give up your rights to the privacy of gun ownership under the 2nd amendment. Exercise your rights to the privacy of gun ownership under the U.S. Constitution. Trust 80% Lowers with all of your AR build needs!

  • We are avid gun enthusiasts and avid 2a supporters who believe that every responsible and legal citizen shall have the right to gun ownership and enjoy in the hobby of building their own firearm. 
  • We Pride ourself on USA made craftsmanship and delivering our customers with the best possible 80% Lower product and reasonable prices. 
  • Our Machine Shop is located in TEXAS where our 5-Axis CNC Machines are busy at work creating 100% USA Made parts for our customers. 
  • We have been in the firearms industry for over 15 years
  • was established in 2011. 
  • Our motto is to only sell whats in stock and turn around quick deliveries
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