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For years the debate has raged over two point sling mechanisms.

Huskey Mk II EWS – Padded Fixed Sling:  Cam slings have the benefit of allowing an over tightening when the shooter needs to be hands-free of the weapon system at the expense of quick manipulation of the sling to complement the shooting position chosen by the shooter. The quick adjust two points have the ability to quickly tighten and loosen as deemed necessary by the shooter, but can only tighten half the distance of the webbing the slider piece is attached to. This leaves a choice between tightening for hands free or for shooting position. This argument has created a schism between operators worldwide and the slings they choose to bring the fight.

Welcome to the next generation of weapon system control.

The Huskey Mk II EWS – Padded Fixed Sling is NOT a compromise between the two ideologies. It is an answer to what is demanded from a two point sling by war fighters. The Huskey MKII was over a year in the making and the culmination of this project bridged the gap in the debate over which type of 2 point sling is more versatile. The MKII EWS, designed primarily as a quick adjust two point for kinetic operations shooting, carries over the ease of adjustability vital for the three dimensional battlefield. The MKII slider easily allows the ability to over tighten from the same slider piece when the operator must go hands free in order to mitigate obstacles, rappelling and fast-roping, amphibious operations, airborne operations and EVERY other facet of warfare. It features all metal components and 1.25″ nylon webbing for durability deserved by today’s gunfighters.

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