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80% Jig Carbide Tooling Kit

Tooling Kit | AR15 & AR10 | Carbide

  • $95.00

80% Jig Carbide Tooling Kit

Our Professional Armorer Carbide 80% Lower Jig Tooling Kit is specifically designed for the  80% Lower AR15 and AR10 Jig to be used with a drill press. This drill bit kit will allow you to complete your 80% lower and is specially made with high quality carbide drill bits for your lower completion. The specs and dimensions of each bit is below:

Drill Bits:

1) 3/8" Drill Bit 

1) 5/32" Drill Bit 

End Mill Bit: 

1) 3/8" Carbide End Mill 

1) 1/4" Carbide End Mill

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